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4-30-2014 - YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

If you are what you eat I would be a hot pocket, and hot pockets can't draw comics. Oh well! You might have noticed the usual update schedule for Castle Blegh is at 3:00pm! Well that might be changing too. In this last stretch before summer it will probably be later in the day, but during the Summer it could be as early as the buttcrack of dawn! Who knows! Thanks for sticking with me anyways, it's a hard life for a humble hot pocket.

4-28-2014 - 100 Followers!

Congratulations are in order (to me!) for getting up 100 FOLLOWERS on the Castle Blegh website! Yay go me!!! I may do a giveaway soon, for t-shirts or stickers or the like. Who knows what's in store! Not even me, and I write this shit! Speaking of which, gotta get back to it. Bye honey! *SMOOCH*